“As the information age gathers momentum, there is a large amount of information haphazardly stored on the internet, as well as in libraries and in institutions around the world. This development has allowed archivists to change the way information is stored, to highlight how most information is part of a larger narrative. This opens up the potential to challenge dominant narratives of the past.” Craig Matthew
(Founder, DOXA)

Accessibility to online media has offered us new opportunities to develop customized platforms designed to offer online users a range of tools that enhance the way we engage with archived Audio-Visual content.

DOXA’s unique Natural KnowledgeTM software architecture changes the way we interact with online content and introduces a new paradigm in the archiving community, geography!

This approach sees media content seamlessly integrated with contemporary mapping software. The software allows users to explore spatial, temporal and conceptual relationships between different components of virtual digital archives.

All audio-visual and photographic media recorded in the African Oral Histories Archive will be accurately geo-referenced and contextualised in time and space.

The final platform will be a valuable resource for researchers, educators, students, filmmakers, the archival community and general public.

We want to create a more informed society where knowledge is well organised and freely available to everyone. To view a beta-version of this platform please visit: www.20yearsoffreedom.comfont