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A Tribute to the Frontline States (An Interview with the Sisulu family)

An awesome film – Premiered at Durban International Film Festival on July 20, 2014. Part of a series celebrating South Africa’s 20 years of Democracy.
Extraordinary intertwined backstories come to light when Max, Elinor and Shaka grant us an opportunity to explore the world of the remarkable Sisulu family, living in exile in the Frontline States.

L to R: Max Sisulu, Elinor Sisulu, Shaka Sisulu.
Max and Elinor Sisulu with son Shaka, the exuberant narrator of  A Tribute to the Frontline States.

L to R: Max Sisulu, Barbara King.
Coming from a political lineage second to none, former Speaker of the National Assembly Max Sisulu with Indelible Media producer Barbara King.

L to R: Anna Pankova, Eran Tahor, Shaka Sisulu.
A exhilarating marathon shoot for Indelible Media crew soundperson Anna Pankova, and DOP Eran Tahor, as media entrepreneur Shaka Sisulu prepares to interview his mother Elinor.



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