Gifting a legacy...

Gifting a legacy...


African Oral History has embarked on several special projects, creating a diverse range of films, educational books, tributes and more with the objective of gifting a legacy to all South Africans for generations to come.

Jewish Memories of Mandela

The Ichikowitz Family Foundation has produced a compelling coffee table book that offers a unique insight on the story of Nelson Mandela and the anti-apartheid struggle, as seen through the lives and recollections of Jewish South Africans who were a part of it.
The African Oral History team showcases this narrative with a behind the scenes look at those who contributed to its success.

Children of South Africa

A lovingly crafted photographic journey, initiated by the Ichikowitz Family Foundation, captures South Africa’s diversity and beauty through the eyes and faces of her children. All proceeds have contributed to the provision of over R500 000 worth of sports equipment and training for children in several of South Africa’s most deprived communities. We document this remarkable undertaking with those who participated in the creation of this coffee table book.

Zombie Grannies

Public Service Announcement for Old Age Community Center.

(in development)

Makeba (music and revolution in the life of Miriam Makeba)

Feature film based on the life of Songbird and African icon Miriam Makeba.