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#IAMCONSTITUTION campaign takes a road trip to engage South Africans in cities and rural areas


The Ichikowitz Family Foundation is proud to announce the expansion of the  #IAMCONSTITUTION campaign on an extensive road trip to reach more South Africans across the country. #IAMCONSTITUTION encourages all South Africans to read, embrace and live the Constitution, to celebrate the achievements of South Africa and constructively confront challenges to reach the country’s fullest potential. The innovative campaign aims to promote the values and benefits of the Constitution by encouraging interaction and dialogue among all who live in South Africa. On Thursday 5 May, The Ichikowitz Family Foundation in partnership with Constitution Hill takes the #IAMCONSTITUTION campaign to a diverse spectrum of people and places beyond Gauteng by partnering with Travel Massive, a global network that aims to change travel for the better. The unique road trip over a course of 16 days, is led by the dynamic Travel Massive group of adventurers, explorers and change agents who are ready to showcase South Africa’s magnificence beyond its physical beauty and get South Africans talking about what the Constitution means to them. The programme of activities include education workshops with community projects, National Parks conservation tours and wildlife preservation experiences. The trip will kick off in Durban at Africa’s largest tourism marketing event, the 2016 Tourism INDABA. En route from Johannesburg, the tour takes the team on a meandering journey through the hills of Notting Hill, Durban beachfront, heritage sites such as the Albert Luthuli Museum in Zululand, the iSimangaliso World Heritage Site, Mbombela, Hazyview, and back to Johannesburg, via the Chief Albert Luthuli Primary School’s cultural programme in Daveyton. All through the 16 days, Bill of Rights posters, Constitution booklets, t-shirts, stickers, and blackboards to exchange thoughts, feelings and ideas will be handed out. The team’s experiences will be documented through compelling social media engagements on all platforms featuring exclusive interviews with people from all backgrounds. #IAMCONSTITUTION has filled the world of social media with positive messages and active citizenry, and skyrocketed on Twitter hitting the top 2 spot in South Africa. Members of the public who cross paths with the adventurous team and #IAMCONSTITUTION-branded vehicles on the road trip are encouraged to make their voices heard by submitting recorded and written messages about what the Constitution means to them. The messages, images and videos captured on the journey will form part of a new exhibition at Constitution Hill opening on 10 December, the day in which the Constitution was signed, 20 years ago.  Ivor Ichikowitz, Chairman of The Ichikowitz Family Foundation: “In a multicultural country like ours, with many cultures, languages, religions, and traditions, our Constitution is our most precious asset. The Ichikowitz Family Foundation asks South Africa to review the dreams and hopes of all those who have gone before, to look at our Constitution and determine how far we have come.” “What a special opportunity to take the #IAMCONSTITUTION campaign to tourist destinations where the places, artefacts and activities that authentically represent the stories and people of our past can be experienced. We believe that the more we include heritage along our tourist routes, the more we can improve the quality of life for residents as well as for serving visitors. Our Constitution is a roadmap for that better future. A roadmap for an equal society where the individual is respected, where we rejoice in our diversity and work together for an equitable future.”  The Ichikowitz Family Foundation recently unveiled a major multi-media exhibition, IT’S A FINE LINE at the Old Fort in partnership with Constitution Hill (still open to the public) that brings to life some of the key history makers and events that shaped South Africa’s Constitution. Using art as a tool for dialogue, the exhibition offers the nation a distinct opportunity to engage with heritage and democracy, and to learn from the history makers that came together to create the Constitution.  Among the events and projects that developed out of the campaign was the launch of the #IAMCONSTITUTION student debate, a gathering of university leaders from across Gauteng to exchange thoughts and ideas around current social challenges for students in South Africa within the context of the 20th anniversary of South Africa’s Constitution. The discussion contributed to the national debate around youth issues and has sparked an enthusiasm for a series of similar forums at universities across the country. Neil Jansson, Travel Massive Leader: “Travel in Africa is all about the past, present and future. A visit to South Africa wouldn’t be complete without experiencing all three. In this the 20th anniversary of the South African Constitution, the road trip encourages South Africans to express their voices and explore how our Constitution gives us all the FREEDOM to travel, to celebrate our multitude of CULTURES and LANGUAGES, and explore our natural HERITAGE.”  Join the Travel Massive adventures and their journey on social media, and connect to the conversation: Follow #IAMCONSTITUTION @ichikowitz
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