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Plot For Peace: From the mouth of Jean-Yves Ollivier , aka “Monsieur Jacques”

Various quotes from Jean-Yves Ollivier about his role behind the story of the award-winning documentary movie: Plot For Peace.


A. Telephonic interview with the newspaper: Tabloid Media – 30 July 2014:

In parallel diplomacy we have the same aims as official diplomacy. And that was to find to solutions to peace and road to democracy. I was permitting dialogue to occur that could not only occur during official diplomacy. I was searching for human qualities to permit dialogue to be possible. Lessons learned ?? Never stop the dialogue. Never stop talking and listening to each other. Dialogues lead to peace.

B. Pre-recorded interview on Channel Africa (a radio station based in SA) – 30 July 2014:

I don’t think I played a role in the liberation. All I did was use my tools to facilitate the enemies to speak to each other. Why I enjoy the documentary is that the film makers created a thriller where you feel like you in the action. So you learn about history, but in an entertaining way.


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